STUDS: 5 Stages of Communication diagram
STUDSTM: 5 Stages of Communication

With integrity and compassion we are committed to coaching leaders to attain your desired goals.

STUDSTM: 5 Stages of Communication

An essential component of an organization’s success begins with the leaders having effective communication. Utilizing STUDSTM will enhance performance with quality communication and increase collaboration among working teams.

STUDSTM Communication Training Material

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Printed Instructional, Educational, and Teaching Materials

Distinguished Group Enterprises offers printed instructional, educational, and teaching materials for business leaders that concentrate on the following:

  • STUDSTM: The leaders in the organization will receive instructional and educational material centered on the 5 stages of communication and understanding leadership styles.
  • Leadership: Educational material to help leaders recognize learning styles and personality types.
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion:
    • Optimal Imperviousness: Women and Minority leaders will receive material to learn strategies, patterns of interaction, and deliberate approaches to accomplish the Optimal Interaction with others.
    • Competency Matrix: Organizations will receive printed educational material to assist with recruiting and retaining diverse board members.
Printed Instructional, Educational, and Teaching Materials are customizable and charged by the project.

Business Education and Training Services

Through business education and training services, leaders in your organization will have an experienced, executive, and educated Distinguished Group Enterprise’s coach to help them:

  • Learn essential communication and interpersonal skills for effective leadership.
  • Recognize learning styles and personality types to strengthen influence.
  • Boost existing leadership strengths and embrace opportunities of innovation and development.
  • Establish and achieve strategic goals.
  • Build confidence to lead.
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: Attract diverse talent and create an inclusive environment.
  • Understand unconscious bias.
For STUDSTM business education and training services contact or 562-544-3093.

Business Education and Training Services are charged by the project.

Cognitive Therapy Services

Professionals at Distinguished Group Enterprises will utilize cognitive behavior therapy techniques to help the leaders in your organization change their thinking to focus on problem-solving tht will help them recgonize and tackle everyday pressures so they can accomplish their goals:

  • Cognitive Restructuring: We will help your leaders change their negative thoughts with Cognitive Restructuring Techniques and combine their behaviors, thoughts, and feelings to influence their quality of life.
  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy: We will teach mindfulness meditation to teach your leaders to not place judgement and to consciously pay attention and better understand their feelings and thoughts to manage stress and achieve relief.
For STUDSTM cognitive therapy services contact or 562-544-3093.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Techniques are charged by the project.

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Stop to take a breath.
Stop to assess the Topic/Conversation


Think about the audience (Executive, Manager, Business Agent, Labor, Regulatory Agency).
Think about the environment.
Think about the potential consequence of what you plan to say.


Understand the person’s status or position.
Understand the other person’s communication style (Expressive, Dominate, Amiable, or Analytical).
Understand their non-verbal communication style.


Decide if you plan to speak.
Decide if you plan to compromise and accept the other person’s idea or suggestion.
Decide to modify or maybe not modify your behavior or tone.


Speak and be mindful of your own body language.
Speak in a mindful manner to attain the desired outcome.
Speak by effectively stating the message.






STUDS: 5 Stages of Communication diagram
STUDS 2nd Step - Think
STUDS 3rd Step - Understand
STUDS 4th Step - Decide
For STUDSTM cognitive therapy services contact or 562-544-3093.

Distinguished Group Enterprises, LLC


Distinguished Group Enterprises provides innovative and creative solutions to deliver exceptional results. As a company we are committed to the following principles:

Who We Are

In 2020, our founder recognized the business world had evolved with a more diverse workforce and leaders needed an unique approach to communicate effectively and attain results. Distinguished Group Enterprises, is a dynamic consulting firm that helps leaders in organizations overcome challenges and develop strategic solutions to build strong teams and produce robust results.

DR. SHARIFA BATTS, ceo & founder

Dr. Sharifa Batts completed her MBA at Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business & Management in August 2018, and she successfully completed her dissertation for the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree at Pepperdine Graziadio Business School, in July 2021. Her research focuses on the significance of diversity on organizational boards and the unique human and social capital minorities and women contribute which impacts the company’s overall success. Sharifa is an educator and continues research with a Postdoctoral Fellow at Pepperdine to further research on diversity and equity. 

Sharifa is a published author in the Group & Organization Management journal and regular speaker at events that focus on diversity, inequality, systemic racism, and organizational leadership.  She has extensive experience in project and people management, risk mitigation resiliency planning.

Sharifa believes the most significant asset for an organization is its people. This conviction springs from her deep corporate experience driving ESG initiatives fostering a safe, diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment. As an All-American Olympic class athlete Sharifa brings a high level of commitment and discipline to all her endeavors as well as a dedication to team play.

For STUDSTM business education and training services contact or 562-544-3093.

What We Do

Distinguished Group Enterprises believes organizations thrive when they have diverse teams where members communicate effectively, so we help organizations obtain this success. We improve organizational communication at all levels utilizing STUDSTM, provide executive and leadership developmental training, build inclusive cultures in organizations through collaborative and diverse teams, and offer coaching services to individuals in all types of organizations and industries. Our core values of Integrity, Pursue Excellence, and One Team is the foundation of everything we do and is the base of our genuine style. Other services we offer:
For STUDSTM printed instructional, educational and teaching materials contact or 562-544-3093.

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